The Lord was with Joseph…

Joseph was a young man whose dad was rich, and Joseph was his dad’s favourite son. He might have thought that God was with him because things were good. In fact, he had every indication that things would be good — he had dreamed two dreams that everyone understood meant that he’d be an impressively important person one day. It was clear to him that God had spoken to him by these dreams. But things didn’t seem to work out as well as the dreams had led him to believe.

Joseph’s older half-brothers were not too friendly toward him. First they wanted to kill him, but then settled on selling him as a slave. They would let his future Egyptian master do that job for them through overwork. So Joseph went from favourite son to Egyptian slave, but, we are told, the Lord was with Joseph (Gen. 39:2). Circumstances would not have suggested this, but it was nevertheless true. Then Joseph was framed by a woman scorned (she was the boss’s wife, but she wanted to misbehave). When Joseph refused her advances, Mrs. boss claimed that he had attacked her with evil intent. So, Joseph went from Egyptian slave to dog’s body in an Egyptian dungeon.

So Joseph was in a dungeon, a slave to other prisoners, but, we are told, the Lord was with Joseph (Gen 39:21). Circumstances would not have suggested this, but it was true nevertheless. It seems that for 13 long years Joseph was a slave and a slave to slaves, but the Lord was with him. Joseph hoped in the God who have spoken to him, despite these circumstances. For people who know the Lord Jesus, we can know that the Lord is with us despite our circumstances. John 3:16 tells us that God loved the world in a very particular way. God’s love can be known only because Jesus, the Son of God, came to live and die and rise to save His people from their sins. If you have Jesus as your Saviour, you can know that God is with you, that God loves you, despite your circumstances.

Jesus Christ is the only certain way of knowing that God is with you. Circumstances change all the time for good or bad, but Jesus never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you know Him as the one who has died for your sins and has risen for your justification, then you can know that the Lord is with you.