2nd Peter Chapter 1, part 3

(from Part 2)

Peter James and John had heard God’s voice from heaven pointing to Jesus as the Son of God who was perfectly good, the one who was to die in Jerusalem as a substitute for his sinful people.That was a very certain revelation to them regarding who Jesus is, what he was to do, and what that meant.

But wait. Peter says that we have a more sure prophetic word about Jesus than even God’s voice from heaven.

To this more sure word, ‘We do well to pay attention.’ Remember, Peter wants us to make our calling and election sure by receiving the message of Jesus from a reliable source.

The more sure a prophetic word is not a voice from Heaven.  Those rare events were for those first witnesses of Christ’s person, life and words.

That more sure word is the one we have in the Bible – the OT scriptures and the New Testament writings of the apostles.

The Bible is a light in a filthy, grimy, darkened world. It is the source of true information about the Lord Jesus Christ. It is this message that brings a person into the Kingdom of God; it is this message that gives confidence to those who are in the kingdom, and it is our guarantee that we will share in that eternal kingdom.

Jesus said, ‘I go to prepare a place for you. If it were not so, I would have told you.’ We know He said it because the people who saw and heard him say it, wrote it down for us.

But these are more that mere eyewitness accounts.

Some people used to say that the Holy Spirit did not need to inspire people to write things that they could know by ordinary means, like things they had heard and seen. Not true says Peter. No prophecy of Scripture is of private, uninspired origin.

We make little myths about our own lives. We embellish our own stories to suit our purposes. This is not what the apostles and prophets did.

  • The Bible is not just the opinions of the apostles or the OT prophets.
  • The writings of the old and new testaments are not simply things that they made up for themselves.
  • Neither are they just what they’d like you to know about the events they saw and heard.
  • These are not the apostles’ private views or ideas about the Jesus they knew.

The words of the Bible are God’s word. ‘Prophecy came not by human will, but selected men (holy = set apart for a purpose) spoke (spoke = wrote; written words in the ancient world were read aloud, even if only to one’s self) as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.’

The writings of Peter are identifiably Peter’s. Peter’s writing style is clearly evident, but his words are also truly God’s words. The Holy Spirit moved Peter to write. Carried him along God’s path in his topics, word selections and argument.

The Holy Spirit kept Peter from Peter’s wrong-headedness. The same is true of Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, John, Luke Matthew, Habakkuk, David in the Psalm and all the rest.

These words combined in the Bible are the words of Life. The words of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are God’s words. A Gift of God to sinful people so that we might make our election and calling sure.

They are given that we might have eternal life; that we might live energetic and fruitful lives serving our Great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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